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When you factor in collection time, employee hours, and the operational expenses associated with processing Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) items, collecting on bad checks can often be more costly and time-consuming than seems worthwhile. Our convenient Returned Check Collection service has been shown to recover up to 80% of your returned checks – at no cost to you.

Arista’s Returned Check Collection service will re-present rejected checks to the bank up to two times, without you having to manually interact with the check at all. When a check is returned NSF, we automatically convert it to an electronic check (if applicable) and re-present it – without deducting any money from your account. The money will remain in your operating account unless the check is refused two additional times. At that point, the credit will be removed from your account, and you will receive the check back so you can pursue further action at your discretion.

The Returned Check Collection process costs you nothing. Your utility receives a portion of any processing fees collected by Arista without having to expend manhours or other operational expense. Adversarial customer calls are drastically reduced as well, since your customer service representatives will not be involved in the collection process.

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