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Interactive Voice Response

Arista offers advanced, affordable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for secure bill payments. Our cloud-based IVR platform does not require an upfront expenditure for hardware or infrastructure upgrades and scales to meet your needs. Arista IVR handles any amount of voice or data traffic with no dropped calls and no busy signals.


With Arista’s IVR solution, you can  offer a round-the-clock automated interactive voice response service that allows your customers to make payments and check account balances. Payments are accepted and applied in real-time, through intuitive and secure technology. IVR also plays a key role in helping you reduce PCI scope by removing sensitive payment data from your company’s phone system.

With our unique IVR system, you will pay only for actual usage – eliminating costly contracts and subscription rates. Our low cost per minute service means you only pay for what you’re using each month, whether it’s 100 minutes or 1000.

Arista IVR offers your business the flexibility to:

  • Implement IVR without the capital expense associated with purchasing hardware, licensing software, and other contractual fees.
  • Eliminate the need to install and maintain costly infrastructure components, phone systems, or network upgrades.
  • Complete the configuration and deployment of the IVR system in days instead of months.

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