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Online Payment Processing

Online Payment Processing increases the convenience factor for your customers while increasing verified payments for you.

How Online Payment Processing Works

With Online Payment Processing (OPP) from Arista, your business will be enrolled in a nationwide pool of businesses that can accept electronic payments from any financial institution or payment center.

If your customers choose to set up one-time, advance, or recurring payments to you from their bank’s bill pay portal, they can certainly do so whether or not your business is enrolled in Online Payment Processing.

If you are not enrolled in OPP, payments from your customer’s bank will be delivered as a physical check through traditional mail. These payments take longer to arrive (anywhere from 4-7 business days is typical) and then require a dedicated resource to process and apply the payment and make the deposit into your account. As a physical check, there is always a risk of the check being returned NSF when it’s presented back to the issuing bank.

If you are enrolled in OPP, payment from your customer’s bank will be delivered directly into your business’ bank account electronically, usually within 24-48 hours. The funds are verified by the sending bank before they are sent to your bank, reducing the need for collections.

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